Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silver and Pink

2100boxes of Choclairs
Requested by : Ainul
Wedding Venue : Terengganu

Silver, Gold & Cream

800boxes of Choclairs
Requested by : Adrina Amil
Wedding Venue : Pusat Komuniti TTDI

Monday, November 16, 2009


1000boxes of Assorted Praline Chocolate
Requested by : Pn Maznah
Wedding Venue : Petaling Jaya

Shocking Pink and Black

Requested by : Ezza @ Jaja
Wedding Venue : Melaka

Brown Silver + Brown Gold

1000boxes of 5pcs choclairs
Request By : Miela
Wedding Venue : Kuantan, Pahang

Silver Theme

One of this pic from Kerja Kahwin.

2pcs Muffin inside the paper bag.
Request By : Faizul & Raja Azilah
Weddding Venue : Pantai Hill Park

Custom Made Sticker

This sticker for Alena - ButterflyInFrame.
You can reach her at her blog. :)
She ordered this sticker with three color.
Red, Sage and Brown.

Wedding Venue : Penang
As usual, this package including ribbon & brown paper bag. RM0.60 for 1000pcs and above.

Black & Hot Red

Requested by : Jesmin
Wedding Venue : Penang.

Yellow & Black

Requested by : Farhana
Wedding Venue : Pahang

More about her Yellow & Black Wedding here. :)

Small Plastic Container is only 50cent. :)

Gold & Silver

Requested by : Syazana
Wedding Venue : Brunei

Medium Container RM0.90 each for 100pcs. Will be cheaper for more than 300pcs.

Brown & Pink Paper Bag

This is for Azi a.k.a Nariko. :)
Here's the link to her blog. Click Me! yippiee.. :)

Wedding Venue : Shah Alam

Paper bag with ribbon & sticker RM0.80 for 300pcs.